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Introduction to cleanpeak® products

cleanpeak® is a pharmaceutical and bio packaging material that is optimized to provide safe and reliable sterilization.
These products are produced in a 5 Class cleanroom to minimize any particulate contamination before use.

Tyvek® Air Cargo Covers

  • Protect the product against the risks of temperature deviation and physical external environment
  • Solution being used by pharmaceutical, distribution, 3rd party logistics agency and airline companies throughout the world
  • The unique reflection rate and low thermal conductivity of Tyvek protects the product against radical changes in the surrounding temperature as well as solar radiant heat
  • Air permeable barrier enables exchange of gas (O₂) and ventilation of harmful gases (CO₂, C₂H₄), thereby reducing damages due to condensation

It is very important to protect your cargo against severe changes in the surrounding temperature during the process of cold-chain transportation.
Solar radiant heat is the most important yet most easily overlooked threat. It must be remembered that it is the key cause, which induces temperature deviation while the cargo is on standby on the tarmac.

  • Control value | Ordinary vinyl (stretch wrap)
  • Ordinary thermal insulator (Thermal Blanket)
  • Tyvek® Air Cargo Cover
Experimental conditions
Measured the temperature with ambient temperature of 20 ℃ when the sun has fully come up while placing the product on pallet and covered with protective material until 11AM in November 2012 on a tarmac in Lakeland, Florida, USA.
(* Source : DuPont™)

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