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Introduction to cleanpeak® products

cleanpeak® is a pharmaceutical and bio packaging material that is optimized to provide safe and reliable sterilization.
These products are produced in a 5 Class cleanroom to minimize any particulate contamination before use.

cleanpeak® Easy-Tear Bag

  • Used for dust protection clothing and product used in cleanroom at the time of steam sterilization
  • Use Tyvek® fabric with outstanding air permeability and microbe blocking to substitute polyester fabric
  • Manufacture and package products in ISO 5 clean room
  • Application

    Pharmaceutical & bio (aseptic facility)

  • Product size

    200mm X 350mm, 320mm X 450mm
    400mm X 550mm, 500mm X 650mm
    720mm X 810mm, 800mm X 1000mm
    1000mm X 1200mm
    Can manufacture in sizes requested by client

Raw material information
Fabric Tyvek® 1073B

Properties of DuPont™ Tyvek® Protective Material

Property Unit Data
Unit weight g/m2 74.6
Thickness 185
Tensile (MD/CD) N/2.54cm 193/208
Burst Strength kPa 12227
Bendtsen Air Perm ml/min 609
Steam Temperature Stable steam sterilization to the maximum temperature of 125℃ is possible
Barrier Confirmation of air permeability through Tyvek® MVTR test
Confirmation of the effectiveness of steam sterilization through Biological Indicator test

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