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  1. 1) Requisite items : Company name, e-mail, name, contact No., country, inquiry and transaction types, title and contents of inquiry
  2. 2) Selective item : Position
    • Purpose of collection and use : Reply results
    • Period of holding and using : Until the purposes of the collection and use of personal information have been fulfilled
    • Upon the fulfillment of the purposes of the collection and use of personal information, the corresponding information will be destroyed without delay. However, they will be kept for period prescribed by the law if there are obligations for preservation of such information by other laws.
    • Even prior to the fulfillment of the collection and use of personal information, they can be destroyed by making request through e-mail to us(sales@bionpak.com) However, in this case, they could be limitation on the use of our services including reply, etc.
    • You have the right to refuse to consent the collection and use of your personal information but there could be limitations in the use of our services if you refuse.

Replay to the inquiries you make can be forwarded to the e-mail or contact No. you provided.
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