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Production & Quality


BionPak is operating 2 ISO 5 and 1 ISO 7 grade clean rooms manufacturing facilities in accordance with an international standard(certification), ISO-14644, and leading the development of reliable products and solutions by executing zone management for the clean rooms to prevent cross-contamination of the products.

Characteristics of production management

  • Production
    • Diversity in specifications
    • High productivity
    • High quality
    • Customized and automated facility for particle control
  • Environment
    • ISO Class5 & 7 (comply with ISO14644)
    • Zone management for prevention of cross-contamination
  • Customer satisfaction


    • Minimize lead time
    • Can develop diversified products

Advantages of production Procedure

  • Slitting

    Holds optimally designed facility for Tyvek® cutting

    • Minimize fabric particles by using Ring Knife that can be adjusted precisely
    • Remove particles generated in the Cutting Part through localized discharge device
    • Execute facility management for each Hard/Soft Type
  • Cleaning

    Facility optimized for effective removal of foreign matters and particles that
    generate on the Tyvek® surface

    • Prevent the phenomenon of adhesion of foreign matters due to static electricity
      through the use of Ionizer
    • Apply format optimized for removal of foreign matters from Tyvek® and Film
    • Remove the possibility of occurrence of particles due to damages in the fabric in
      non-contact format
  • Sealer

    Facility appropriate for Tyvek® Sealing conditions presented by Dupont™

    • Can adjust individual factors of Tyvek® binding including temperature, time and
      pressure, etc
    • Can cope with the sizes and designs appropriate for the requests of the clients
    • Process optimized for maintenance of outstanding binding strength
  • Sewing

    Facility that complies with the Tyvek® Sealing conditions presented by Dupont™

    • Comply with needle and sewing conditions appropriate for Tyvek®
    • Minimize product particle through application of localized discharge device
  • Packaging

    Vacuum packaging facility for prevention of mixing in of particles

    • Optimized for particle and foreign matter management by using LDPE Film
      manufactured in clean room
    • Provide packaging specifications in accordance with the issues requested by the clients


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